24 May

Coming from Felixstowe, with weather not looking exactly inviting yours truly was close to chickening out and using car. Was I glad I didn’t?! It was such a refreshing ride. With my trusted Andy leading the filtering through a traffic jam around Ipswich, we abandoned the back roads and gave it beans on the A14 on the route via Bury St Edmunds – I do like a bit of speed once in a while – and so we arrived just on time finding a nice crowd already. Thanks, Wayne, for joining us for the first time, and to the other familiar faces who we hadn’t seen since we lost Great Wenham. It’s good to see that our idea of sending the HQ across the county works. We are looking forward to seeing you all again. And nice to meet Sandy, who joined Rebecca for the ride. Weather staying kind, we were 11 on 9 bikes – yes, the Barretts did chicken out and took the car – but always good to see them as well as Mr Limmer as regulars wherever we go. The ride home was beautiful in the twilight, and just before it was dark entirely Andy had a premonition to switch the high beam on and just avoided running into a massive doe. All I saw from behind was a road full of animal as tall as Andy’s helmet.


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