17 Sep

The CopdockShow was a great success. It felt good doing 'normal' things again, and we seemed to have got away with it. I have not heard any bad news in the aftermath of the show, although they had about 10k people through the door with cars queuing well back into the road to get on site. My little 'back of the van' kitchen served us well again for coffees and teas and the mandatory bacon sarnies for lunch. As usual part of the set-up crew stayed on site, and as usual, we did it in style with fire-pit, beer tent visit and a little bit of dancing - this time the vice chair behaved and stayed off the tables, and breakfast fry up the next morning.  We got a lot of visitors on the stall, which this year we themed: 'Triumph at the movies'. We found out that almost all of the displayed bikes had a role in a movie - how cool is that! And we met some new members and associates from other branches. All great fun and worth the while! Tired but happy, now all is packed away again for next year when we'll do it all over again.- Rika 

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