07 Dec

Thank you all who came and made this Christmas meet so special. I so hope that all the 'Plus Ones' liked it enough that they will come back to our meets. We even were very international with a visitor from the Norwich branch, which is struggling at the moment so we invited them along; two members all the way from France;  the lovely daughter of a member visiting from Sweden, and yours truly quite clearly still recognisable as German after 21 years in the country.

Andy from the Stowe Fish Bar did an incredible job putting a tasty, freshly cooked takeaway for 21 people together. I have never seen a fryer so quick. It was wonderful coming back to the pub with the food and seeing the room filled up with happy people chatting and laughing. Albeit in a new location it felt like the good old days.

We got so lucky with Jazz, our new landlady. She let me use her kitchen to put the food on platters and she supports us wherever she can. She was pleased for us, that the branch is doing well and that we enjoy being at hers. To me this will be Christmas meet long remembered.

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