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Calendar and organising an event
The events listed in the calendar shows different two types of events and labelled as such:
FYI Events:
It's the things that happen and where you go in your own responsibility and and not as representatives of the club or the branch.
STOMCC Events:
Those are our club meetings and activities where we represent the club and our branch. These are either
  1. Show type events where we come together with stall and banner, or 
  2. Rides which start at a dedicated location and we ride together as a group from there.
The first need a  Liability insurance (please see notes) and a Risk assesment
The second needs a Risk Assesment
If you wish to plan an event please get in touch with the Social Secretary who will be happy to assist with the planning, and will liaise with the treasurer, if needed, and the webmaster on your behalf to make your event a success.

Ad hoc rides won't make it into the calendar. Those are rides where we use our bikes to meet at a fish and chip shop, or for an ice cream or an (alcohol free) beer, when the sun is out. Please pop those on the FB page to drum up some attendance.

STOMCC Calendar​​​

Below is our list of the regular events, but please look up details directly at the events calendar.
Regular events
  • Every 2nd Tuesday of the month is Club night at our HQ the Pickerel Inn
  • Every 4th Tuesday of the month we see to arrange a ride to a different pub in the county to accommodate people who live in different areas of the county.
  • Annual General Meeting: we are hoping to hold our 2023 AGM at the branch HQ
  • Every year we attend the Copdock Show. In 2019 we won best club stand. Next upcoming date is September 2022. Please check the calendar for date once it is announced. We usually arange for a team to camp over the night before, which makes it a bit of a mini-rally, a great branch weekend out.
The social secretary will explore the event scene at the beginning of the season and we discuss attendance during our meets. For a lively club life it's quite essential that the membership comes forward with ideas as well as hands on event organisation, and please keep in mind not everything has to do with riding, e.g. we did a bus trip to the Hinkley factory. As mentioned above, please do get in touch with the social secretary for the admin part of things.