23 Oct

23rd October 2021, a dry but rather fresh morning, 7 bikes and 1 car made their way to Redgrave. Our newest member is forgiven for not using the bike, I had said that cars are appropriate means of transport given that it's almost November.  Mr L., overly keen on his brand new Street Twin, arrived first on the scene well before the rest of us trickled in. Nice table for 9 put together for us, and although the food came a bit late, goodness they are busy there, the time was flying in great company. It was good that we had a pre-order sent through, though. It was great to see a member from the area, too, who usually couldn't make it to the monthly meets due to distance. The food was absolutely delicious and after a hot and strong coffee for most of us, we braved the cold on our way home. We all agreed that it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and that we should do it again for the opening of the season in April 

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