06 Jun

The Anglian Motorcycle Festival, sat 14th August 2021The festival was originally to be held on Felixstowe sea front, however was moved to TTT Motorcycle Village in Sudbury. who kindly said they would host it.Rika and I loaded up our bikes and set off at 07:30 across the deserted back roads to Sudbury, a very pleasant ride which set the tone for the day.On arrival just under an hour later we reported to Ben (shop manager) who directed us to Jason who was running the show.We assembled the new gazebo with some good natured banter between ourselves and our neighbours, 'Blood bikes' on one side and 'Mental health motorbike' on the other. I'm pleased to say political correctness took a very low (non existent) priority.Once set up it was walk about time, first priority a cuppa, the shop cafe were brilliant and delivered two free drinks to the stall for us, bless them. While on walk about I headed for the workshop and the chief engineer Andy (also a branch member), who kindly put his tricked up Bonnie on the stand and arranged for his workmate and John from the shop to add there's too.Shortly after Tony turned up to help on his Speedmaster.As 10:00 arrived people started to drift in bringing the sunshine with them. Time to 'drop em' and don shorts and Crocs!Throughout the day there was a lot of interest in the branch, many new cards handed out to prospective new members. Some passed members stopped for a chat, others didn't. Many old friends renewed their friendships during the day, for many (like us) it was the first major event out post lockdown!The BBQ did a roaring trade and sold out, the Icecream van was also kept very busy too. 'Beautiful Dangerous' played a cracking set, and although I've seen them perform many times, I think this was their best yet. Our faulty intercoms were sorted FOC by a couple of very knowledgeable chaps, thanks. The shop has offered 10% discount on all service work, (Andy knows his Triumphs inside out and comes highly recommended), and up to 10% on other items on production of a valid membership card.All too soon it was time to do a striptease, then pack up the stand, both new gazebo and flags were easily carried on the Explorer, proving that in the future, events can be attended by  bike, and van back up not required. At this point I must pass on my thanks to Tony, who after a brief meeting at Stonham barns a couple of nights before, turned up to help Cheers mate. Tony was seen leaving the show with a chainsaw strapped to the Speedmaster, a raffle prize!!! The ride home was a bit eventful due in part to me missing the turn off! we ended up on a lane more suited to scramblers, obviously there had been major wash off from the fields, and the lane resembled a nearly dry river bed! Having lost intercom communication I stopped fearing the worse. On putting my feet down, due to the steep camber and uphill nature of the lane, I laid the bike down (that's a posh way of saying fell off!!). Rika duly turned up unharmed, and between us with a  combined age of 123! we picked the heavy Ba#**rd up. No harm done, small graze to the shin and a bit of mud on 'Pops'. Now I know why its called an adventure bike 😊.  The rest of the ride was uneventful with 'Pops' appearing to run better than before, go figure as the septics would say.11 hours after setting out we arrived home completely knackered, but with a sense of accomplishment and raring to go for the next one!  Epilogue: The Anglian  motorcycle festival in collaboration with TTT motorcycle village had 1000 people attend the show during the course of the day, with 750 arriving by bike. After costs an estimated £700 was raised for Mental Health

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